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Pet Training Clicker

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Using a training clicker is a simple and effective way to train your pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, or even a bird. It works by marking a specific behavior that you want to reinforce, such as sitting or coming when called, and then rewarding the animal immediately after with a treat or positive reinforcement.

Overall, a training clicker is an essential tool for anyone looking to train their pet in a positive and effective way. With consistent use and proper training techniques, it can help you build a strong bond with your pet and achieve your training goals.

Training Clicker is used to teach tricks and develop your relationship with your pets. New design i-Click for sound sensitive animals. Raise the button to activate the click. Great for training Obedience/HTM/Agility. Can also be used under your foot. Simple operation: just pull the button.


Tips: Always train in an area without noise and distractions. The best time to start training is after 3 months old, the younger the better. You have to be patient. Wait for Dog to make the right moves. Reward your pet’s positive behavior with enthusiastic praise or a cookie or food. Training action should be consistent while clicker training your pet of one behavior
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